Finding Happiness in Stress


The Seiker Podcast, Ep 097:

If we can’t find happiness in this world of chaos, then what is it we are even fighting for?

Who wants to be happy? Many of us will eagerly state this is what we want, and many of us are actively fighting for it. Whether it’s working extra hours at your job, being an activist for your cause, or searching for truth in hopes of finding a better way of life, many of us are striving to bring more happiness into our lives.

But how many of us have actually found it? How often do we tell ourselves, “if I can just get this one thing done, I’ll be happy.” The problem is, that one thing could take years, or that one thing could turn into many things. We keep making excuses when it comes to our happiness, when we should be finding ways to be happy now. Regardless of the chaos. Regardless of the sadness in the world. We need to find ways to enjoy the moments we have. To stop being victims of a world created to keep us down, and start being participants in a world filled with adventure and wonder. Happiness is possible, and although difficult to achieve at times, it is a choice we can consciously make to bring into our lives right now.

Image Credit: Ryan McGuire

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