Find out How Baby Chickens can Change the World!

chick4A Small Movement of Change:

As Service of Change continues to grow, I am always striving to find new ways to live by our motto: “Small changes among the masses can have a massive impact around the world.” As I state at the end of every Changecast, I aim to Be The Change.

My goal is to enact small and simple changes in my daily life, inspire others to do the same, and bring about change on a large scale. For the past few years, my wife, Jenny, and I have been making a serious effort to change our diet and eliminate processed foods and GMO products. For anyone who has tried dieting – this is no simple task. Not only do we still sometimes crave the products we are trying to eliminate, but these unhealthy foods are also more readily available, cheaper, and often easier to prepare than the healthy alternatives. But we are committed to this lifestyle, so little by little we have been implementing small changes to our diets. What started as a daunting task has now simply become a part of our lifestyles and daily routines.

Chicks for Change

Recently, we have decided to implement another “small change” to our system in hopes of creating that massive impact among our family (and hopefully spread awareness to a larger community). After thinking about this for over a year, Jenny and I decided to adopt and raise 5 chickens (for the low cost of $2 per chick). They are just a few days old as of the writing of this article, and are absolutely adorable! We have a new responsibility in our family, but with that responsibility comes an array of incredible benefits with potentially massive impacts:

chickBashTeaching our Children

Our children are going to learn so much about caring for others as they help clean the coop and feed the chickens. They will have the benefit of interacting with our new additions, and after just a few moments with them, the smiles on their faces has made this entire undertaking worth it.

Bringing Change to a Damaged Industry

We have read that at 5 months old, our hens will begin to lay anywhere from 4 – 6 eggs per week. With 5 hens, our egg budget will be reduced to $0! Not only will we be saving money chick1each week, but we will be improving our diet with the high-quality eggs our hens will produce. We can use their waste as compost in our gardens, and can also feed them our table-scraps to help reduce the amount of waste our family produces!

In addition to the health benefits to our family and the environment, we will no longer be contributing money to the larger corporate-egg producers that fill their birds with antibiotics, keep them in small cages, and provide terrible living conditions for these beautiful creatures.  Although this investment may seem small, there is potential to completely eliminate or change a damaged industry; an industry responsible the suffering of countless birds, and for the degeneration of human health through the drugs they inject in them.

ChickHow Can Raising Chickens Change the World?

Change is possible, and it is easier than we think. As consumers, we have the power to influence some of the wealthiest and most powerful of industries. Although the impact of our 5 baby hens will most likely go unnoticed by these big industries, imagine the affect it would have on a local chain grocery store that supported this industry if an entire block had their own birds. Imagine if that block then grew to an entire neighborhood, and so on. Change is possible, and it starts with you!

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