STOP AND THINK! We are Being Divided!!! The Verdict Being Used Against Us All.

M A N I P U L A T I O N!

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A Nation Divided

Once again, the American people stand as a nation divided, poised for violence in their pursuit of justice. But is that pursuit rational? Is it justified? Will a violent outrage make a difference? Or will such violence bring more death, more laws, and more division among us? By using violence to fight violence, does not one continue to promote the very thing they are trying to prevent?

A Path of Deception

As Americans, we are all entitled to express our opinions, and in America, the press has the freedom to report those opinions. But enough is enough! Whether the shooting was justified or not; whether Michael Brown was a victim or the aggressor, the issue is being misused. Those who seek truth and justice are being manipulated by their own desires to have it. They are being led under the guise of independence. They are being herded under the whisper of revolution. The path of liberation that is being laid is a path to their own demise.

Your truth movement and freedom movement is a carefully constructed guise and deception. Although a noble and necessary cause, you are being fed information to incite an aggressive response which has the potential to result in the exact situation you are trying to avoid. America is being destroyed from within, and it is the people who are carrying out that destruction. The headline above is a prime example of propaganda designed to anger, frustrate, and manipulate the American people. Racism exists today. It is a disgusting cancer that plagues American society and continues to thrive because of inflammatory headlines like the one above. Something needs to change, but by spreading the violence and the hatred, we are following a path that has been laid for us. We are playing into the hands of the adversary.


If you want to make a change, violence and riots are not the answer. Revolution may be on the minds of several people, but the road to true change has not yet been paved. It is a journey in a new direction, one that has never been ventured. It is a journey into the wilderness not as two adversaries racing toward a goal, but as two communities, working together to improve our way of life for all to benefit. To all of you who are frustrated and angry; to all of you who want change: I challenge you to bring about that change – not by violence or force, but through your intellect and cooperation.