Changecast: Facing Frustration

Staying Positive

In this Changecast, Joel and Dennis focus on the impact small changes can have on people around you and the world. Joel recounts his recent experience with the state when his child-support payment could not be processed due to a ridiculous issue. They hold an informative discussion on ways to stay positive when dealing with frustrating people and organizations.

A Call to Action!

Say Hi To a Stranger

In the spirit of “small changes,” Joel and Dennis propose that everyone try to say “hello” or offer a compliment to a total stranger with a goal of creating a small moment to brighten someone else’s day. They are asking all listeners to join this campaign, spread the word, and to please share your experiences via Twitter, @DennisNappiII, Facebook:, or in the comments section below. Remember: “Small changes among the masses can have a massive impact around the world!” Be That Change!

A Story of Personal Discovery

As mentioned in this Changecast, Joel wrote an article about a friend’s journey of personal discovery. This honest and true account is an insightful read on Joel’s blog. You can read more HERE.