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Since the day he was born, Ethan has been faced with challenges. With an array of medical conditions at birth, Ethan fought for life during the first few months, and survived.

Growing up, he faced seizures as a part of his condition. As a student receiving special-education services, Ethan often found himself the target of cruelty in the form of harsh comments and bullying. But this only inspired him.

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Advocate & Author

Today, Ethan is a proud high-school graduate. Through his Facebook page, “Let’s Stop Bullying,” Ethan works to spread awareness about the dangers of bullying, and aims to let victims know they are not alone. He stands up for those who feel alone in the world, offering advice, comforting words, and his friendship. As a part of his mission, Ethan is writing a book about his life experiences. Despite the challenges he has faced, Ethan approaches life with a smile as he turns each hardship he encounters into an opportunity for learning and greatness.

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