ET & UFO Disclosure, Podesta WikiLeaks – a False Flag?

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The Seiker Podcast, Ep 068:

Wikileaks revealed emails from Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta claiming Extraterrestrial Intelligences are working with us to bring Zero-Point Energy to Earth.

disclosureIn the most recent WikiLeaks dump of Clinton emails, 2 surfaced involving campaign manager John Podesta, the Clinton Campaign Chairman, referencing the existence of a war in space and extraterrestrial intelligences. The two emails came from Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell and focused on the space war, zero-point energy, and the ETs conditions for bringing this energy to Earth. Another email to Podesta from former Blink-182 Member Tom DeLonge, revealed Delonge’s project involving testimony from 10 high-ranking department of defense officials concerning proof of alien visitations to Earth.

Is this the beginning stages of full disclosure of alien visitations and UFO encounters? Or are we being set up for a deception, or a false-flag event? When looking back on the work of the late Bill Cooper, we have to examine his warnings over Project Blue Beam – which may be happening before our very eyes. This podcast will give you something to think about, and may be an essential viewpoint in the event of a perceived full-scale invasion.


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