Episode 3 – Bullying, Boycotting Thanksgiving Sales & Emergency Preps

We’re back!  Tune in, download, LISTEN to our first broadcast from our new location in the Pocono Mountains.  We have a thought-provoking show lined up for you as we discuss the popularity of bullying and students’ desire to record and post such horrible acts.  Listen as Dennis discusses his intervention in a recent bullying incident and his suggestions on how to prevent future acts.  We are also promoting the Boycott of Thanksgiving Sales to help keep families together during the holiday.  Listen for details!  We also discuss the current financial crisis the government continues to avoid, ways you can prepare your family and community, and we present evidence that members of the government intentionally kept the government shut down at our expense!!!  You don’t want to miss this episode.  Listen on your way to work, at home, in the office, on your PC or mobile device!  LIKE, Share, and start your Service of Change today!!!