EPA Allows Poison in our Food – But YOU can Stop it!


CNN recently published an article titled the Coming Food Disaster. I highly recommend reading it, as it highlights the fact that the food we eat has been modified to resist herbicides (poison) and therefore our food, the food we feed to our children, contains these poisons.

The article also highlights that the EPA, the agency charged with regulating the use of such poisons to protect our health, continues to increase the amount they deem “safe.”

Did you know that cancer rates in America continue to rise? Cancer is also a multi-billion dollar industry. It doesn’t take much research to figure this out.

Should you be scared? No! In the spirit of small changes with massive impacts, simply start buying organic and stop supporting the companies that use these chemicals. Without consumer money, they go out of business. Start taking responsibility! You want a revolution? This is it, and not a single shot needs to be fired. Just become a smart consumer and start considering your diet as your first step toward improved healthcare.

For more information on what you can do, listen to our latest Changecast about Natural Healing, Home Remedies, and Herbal Medicine.