Environmental Activism

Christopher RoundChange the World

If you really want to change the world, this episode discusses just that! Christopher Round is an environmental activist with an incredibly impressive resume ranging from training with the 2012 Judo Olympics Team to studying whales off the coast of New England.

The Threat

In this episode, Christopher explains the threat climate change poses to our way of life, and breaks it down in a way that is easy to understand. He explains the financial loss our economy is taking as a result of our abuse and misuse of the environment. The numbers are staggering.

A Simple Solution

Christopher explains the cause of the mysterious sink holes appearing in Siberia, and the dangerous threat they pose to life on this planet. Despite the massive problem the planet is facing, however, Christopher is hopeful and offers 2 simple solutions people can take that will literally change the world! Listen to this Changecast and learn how easy it is for you to help change the world and ensure this planet offers a healthy place for our children and grandchildren to live.

Contacting Christopher

Christopher maintains his website and blog at www.Christopherround.com and is also a journalist for The Record.

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