Enoch Confronts the Nephilim – A Film by CJ Recchia

Artist & Filmmaker

CJ Recchia graduated from Haverford High School in Havertown, PA and graduated from 4_Hussian College of Art’s four year program for Illustration in Philadelphia.

CJ is a visual artist, traditionally trained in illustration, and well-rounded in graphic design. His body of work evokes a dark spiritual presence, inspired by the occult, and the subconscious mind.

11215978_371886076346134_78036010_nInspired by his brother, Stephen, who went to film school at Temple College, CJ fell in love with the art of cinematography. He has primarily worked shooting and editing music videos in the past, but dreams of creating his own film always stayed relevant. With help from his brother, friends, and teachers at Hussian College of Art, CJ was able to make his dreams a reality. “Enoch” is the name of his short film coming this summer. The story follows a man who takes on the task of rebuilding the Garden of Eden for a mysterious spiritual being.CJ has also self-published his first book named “Chakras,” a fifty page book consisting of photography and illustrations. The book is a dark adaptation of the eight points of spiritual connection.Inspired by global crises, dark spirituality, and heavy metal culture, he has currently established an independent clothing line named Beware The Water. Beware The Water is an urban social awareness brand created here in Philadelphia, designed and owned by CJ and his brother Stephen Recchia. Follow CJ on Instagram @CJRecchia and @BewareTheGram

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