Earth is Facing its 6th Mass Extinction Event…But we can Stop it!

wpid-wp-1435155412250.pngA Cycle of Extinction Events:

Many ancient cultures, to include the Maya, Hopi, and the Aztec, refer to our current existence as the 4th or 5th world. The Bible talks of a great flood that destroyed almost everything on Earth. Researcher and author Michael Cremo has uncovered evidence of ancient cultures dating back tens of thousands of years, and beyond, that have been erased from history. It would seem that throughout existence, this world has been destroyed several times.

According to modern science, the Earth has experienced 5 mass extinction events. Other research estimates that up to 97% of every species that has ever existed on Earth has gone extinct. In a new study released on June 19, 2015, research indicates that we are currently facing our 6th mass extinction, and it may be the fault of humanity.

Let that sink in for a moment: Earth is currently facing it’s 6th mass extinction event. What should resonate with us is the fact that this has happened before, and it can happen again. According to the study:

“The average rate of vertebrate species loss over the last century is up to 114 times higher than the background rate.” The article continues: “…the number of species that have gone extinct in the last century would have taken, depending on the vertebrate taxon, between 800 and 10,000 years to disappear.”

It’s Time to Change our Perspective (and Relationship to Nature)

If ever there was a time to act, now is the time! During my own research for my book series I Am Human, I have come across many startling myths, facts, and stories from the ancient world. What is today labeled as savagery, I have found to be a beautiful lost science. In Western Culture, we tend to think linear and follow life in chronological order. The ancients, however, viewed things in cycles. Celestial alignments, seasons, insect lifespans, and their impact on the Earth were understood in a much different manner. People seemed to understand their relationship to everything in the universe, but more importantly, they understood their relationship, and responsibility, to the Earth.

In modern times, this relationship is lost for most people. We have no relationship with the food we eat, because it is pre-packaged and constantly available. Large corporations slaughter countless animals daily just so we can have the convenience of eating whenever we want, and wasting what we can’t finish (while millions of less-fortunate people are starving each day). We are no longer tasked with looking our prey in the eyes at the time of death, and this significantly changes our relationship with not just our food, but the ecosystem that provides it.  We have taken life for granted and become lazy and careless in the process.

We over-consume and have more than we need. We create tons of useless garbage that sits in landfills and destroys ecosystems. We use plastic packaging to transport our newest gadgets or our next meal a short distance, and then discard it in the trash where it will eventually end up in a landfill, around the neck of a sea creature, or in the belly of some animal, ultimately bringing it to its demise.

Responsibility & Change

It is easy to blame large corporations, governments, and manufacturing companies for the terrible crisis we are facing. But we can’t. By blaming them we hide from our responsibility. By blaming them we ignore our own culpability and deny what may be the most significant contributing factor to this entire problem: Us. We are the one’s who support those large corporations. We are the ones who buy the pre-packaged gadgets and over-indulge ourselves with food. We allow these things to happen because it is convenient and easy. We have become so distracted with our own lives that we have forgotten to respect all life. In the process, we have allowed for the creation of a society of pressures and deadlines. We have adopted a corporate model for life, and tried to squeeze it into the already existing flow of nature, and it is simply not working!

As the above-mentioned study states, however, there is still time to make a change, but, “that window of opportunity is rapidly closing.” In the spirit of our motto: small changes among the masses can have a massive impact around the world, I’d say today, right now, is the time to start making those small changes in your life. Start using re-usable grocery bags. Bike to work or carpool. Plant a tree or start a garden. Buy local, even if it’s only a few items. Find a cause you are passionate about and do something today! Blog about it, put it on social media. Tell your friends and get excited about change. You are literally saving the planet, and the future of humanity.

This information is alarming, and my initial response is to hit the panic button and start screaming madly while demanding change or salvation. Such antics, however, will only spread unnecessary fear and hinder progress. Together, through our small changes, we can manifest real change. That change, however, starts with you…

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