Discovery of Invisible Entities by Thunder Energies

The Seiker Podcast, Ep 036:

wp-1454034881230.pngThunder Energies has recently released an announcement that it has discovered the existence of what they call “Invisible Terrestrial Entities.” The findings have been published in The American Journal of Modern Physics, and explain that in an attempt to observe antimatter, Thunder Energies developed the Santilli Telescope. The telescope uses concave lenses (as opposed to the traditional use of convex lenses), which captures the light emitted from antimatter. While searching the skies, scientists discovered these entities, and noticed a heavy presence over military, government, and sensitive facilities. In addition, Thunder Energies claims it has also discovered anti-matter galaxies and asteroids.

As a researcher and author on the subject of “invisible energy parasites,” this finding could be a “smoking gun” for me. However, I would like to obtain some other sources to verify this finding. If true, I am reminded of the discovery of micro-organisms through the use of the microscope. Researchers did not initially correlate these “germs” with disease. It wasn’t until almost 100 years later that the connection was made. Could these invisible entities be the parasitic “germs,” often referred to as Archons, that have remained hidden for so long? If we can see them, we can study them. If we can study them, we can find a way to protect ourselves from them.

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