Death, Syria, & Hope


The Seiker Podcast, Ep 092:

We’re not getting the full story, and there is more we can do to gather information…

A Personal Brush with Death

In this episode, Dennis recounts a difficult decision he was forced to make. Gizzmoe, his dog of 13 years, has been having some difficulty and it was seemingly time to put her down. Dennis recounts the emotions he faced in making this difficult decision, and the realization that struck him at the last moment. In addition to realizing it was not time, Dennis was also able to reflect on what matters most in life: taking time to enjoy the ones we love.

Syria – The Full Story?

With the constant projection of children suffering on mainstream channels, the story of a chemical attack on them by the Syrian government seemed suspicious, at the very least, designed to tug on the heartstrings of the millions of viewers. The official story states that the US tracked Syrian planes and observed them drop bombs in the same location where the gas was released, yet the only evidence that has been released of this scenario has been an official “story” and nothing more.

According to the Russians, bombs were dropped on a warehouse that happened to be storing chemical weapons, and the wind moved it toward the town causing the reported casualties. Did Trump have strong enough evidence to disprove this possibility? Or did he rush to judgment? Did he authorize this bombing to look powerful in front of China, to send a message that he wasn’t afraid to use his military? It’s interesting that the bombing caused minimal damage and Trump gave the Russians 2-hours notice. Someone is lying. The question is, who?

Predicting the Future

Dennis also reviews the Farsight Institutes Timecross Project. Each month, remote viewers target the news events for the upcoming month, and predict the future. In the month of March, remote viewers predicted many events in April that have already come to pass, to include the Russian Metro bombing, the Syrian chemical attack, the terrorist attack in Sweden, and many more. This is groundbreaking and deserving of much more attention. This is a tool we can use to better find the truth among a media set on selling us lies to further their agendas of war…

In the News

Links, Resources, & Research

What we Know about Syria’s Chemical Weapons

2012 CNN Article: Rebels Trained to Handle Chemical Weapons

InfoWars: Donald Trump is an International Law Breaker

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