Darkness of Spirit & Fear

Fear May Be More Than a Biological Response

Darkness of Spirit & FearIn this Changecast, Joel and Dennis explore the connection between fear, anxiety, and the current state of the world. They discuss the possibility that a force external to humanity may be using human suffering as a means of sustainability by keeping society in a resonance of anxiety and fear.

In their exploration of ancient cultures, Joel and Dennis discuss the ancient beliefs and explorations by shamans who reported a darker force, lurking in the shadows of humanity that was responsible for suffering. They make a comparison to the scientific communities dismissal of such reports despite the compelling evidence that there may be more to the human experience than we have grown to believe.

For More Information

This episode scratches the surface of a much deeper discussion. If you would like more information on the topics discussed, to include more on the Archons, please email Dennis at DNappi2@ServiceOfChange.com. If you would like to hear more discussions and guests on this topic, please let us know!