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The Seiker Podcast, Ep 089:

We just don’t know who we can trust anymore…

This past week, WikiLeaks disclosed that it came into possession of new information containing the largest release of classified information from the C.I.A. This information was pertaining to The Agencies hacking program and revealed just how deep their efforts have penetrated.

Technical Spying Capabilities

The recent dump of information revealed the capabilities of turning smart phones, computers, and smart TVs into listening and observation devices. They claimed that 22,000 US Citizens are/were being monitored within the United States, along with countless other foreign targets. In addition, The Agency learned to mimic the hacking signatures of their adversaries, to include the Russians. This means that they could hack a system, and when an investigation was conducted, it would indicate a foreign agency (Russia) was responsible for the hack.

The Alliance and the Cabal 

Was the CIA responsible for hacking into the Democratic parties email server under the guise of Russian hackers? It seemed clear that the Clinton regime was looking for another war with Russia, and such a hack may have been a catalyst to spark that war if Clinton was elected. However, according to David Wilcock, as discussed in last week’s podcast, the US Intelligence community has become divided within itself and formed an alliance against the cabal. Was the recent release of information, along with the previous dump prior to the election, the result of this alliance working to dismantle the Clinton machine, and all those connected to it?

Trump May Have Been Right…

Regardless of who is to blame, this may raise new questions into the allegations made by President Donald Trump about his phone lines being tapped during the election. He may have more credible information than the mainstream is willing to admit…

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