Children Who See Ghosts…


The Seiker Podcast, Ep 104:

The spirit world is all around us. Ghosts are everywhere, and may be interacting with us all the time. In most cases, however, it seems to be our children who can see them.

On a recent blog post at, blogger Mary Katherine shared her experiences with her child’s sightings of ghosts. Furthermore, she states that most other children can probably see them too. This podcast explores parents’ testimony of their own kids sightings and what it could mean.

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Chances are, If we are surrounded by ghosts, why can’t we see them? Can we communicate with them, and are they trying to communicate with us? Can they harm us? Can they help us? Dennis explores possible answers to all of these questions and more. If ghosts are around us, finding a way to detect them may help to improve our lives in way’s we have yet to imagine.


Before germs were discovered, people got sick and died defenseless against them. These “invisible bugs,” were able to negatively affect human health. As scary as they sound, knowledge of them has taught us to simply wash our hands which has had a profoundly positive impact on human health. Imagine what might change if we could learn more about what may exist in the supernatural realms.

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