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Dennis Nappi II

D2 Oil PaintingDennis Nappi II is the founder and creator of Service of Change. After serving in the Army as an intelligence agent, Dennis became a police officer. At seeing potential preventative options that could have been applied prior to an arrest, Dennis left the life of guns and danger to become a teacher where he faced his greatest challenge in a violent Philadelphia special-education classroom. Dennis hopes to spread change from a grass-roots movement by offering inspiration and ideas of the small things people can do to make massive impacts in their own lives and surrounding communities.


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Joel Shafer

 Joel's BlogJoel is a writer, artist and aspiring new media communicator. He has a Bachelor of Arts from Penn State, an MFA from The New School and an Associate in Science in Behavioral Health from Delaware County Community College. He has worked in the Mental Health and Addiction Treatment field and has mentored people in the recovery process. He has a near encyclopedic knowledge of religion, history, politics and literature. He is a self-described “provocateur”. He is an underground hip hop emcee and his alias is Loki who was in Viking myth the God of luck and mischief who was known for inciting events and even insulting other gods in poetic form. 


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Lori Latimer

A resident Haiku poet, social-media guru, and dedicated social worker, Lori brings her wisdom, experience, and balance to the show. 

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 Guests Wanted!

Guests WantedDo you have an idea for change or an interesting story to tell? We’d love for you to be a featured guest on one of our Changecasts. Please complete the form below:




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