Changecast: Joel Shafer – Helping Others and Spreading Change

Meet Joel!  Joel

Provocateur Joel Shafer joins our Service of Change team as the new cohost to our Changecasts – Podcasts for change. On this episode, Joel shares his experiences as he details his journey of service in support of people suffering from addiction and other mental health challenges.

Joel humbly presents an intelligent viewpoint on ways to help people in need that exemplifies his experience and service toward a greater good. If you have ever, are currently, or may some day be in a position to help someone dealing with a challenge or problem in life, this Changecast is a must-listen as Joel’s advice offers great tools for anyone who finds themselves in the position of “helper.”

For more Changecast episodes, contact information for Joel and Dennis, and how to be a guest on a Changecast, please visit our Changecasts page.