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I Am Human

& We Are Not Who We Think We Are

Late one night, Dennis Nappi II found himself unable to sleep. His mind swam with what can best be described as a downloaded mess of thought. Frantically, he raced down the hall to his office to write down what was in his mind and discovered an insight into the human condition and a possible explanation for his nighttime visitations from strange, paralyzing visitors. 

This reflection presents the possibility that the human experience may be hiding a darker secret about who we are and our role in the food chain…

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Service, A Soldier’s Journey:

Counterintelligence, Law Enforcement,

& the Violence of Urban Education

A true account! Dennis Nappi II is not your average teacher. After serving as an intelligence agent with the Army in Bosnia, Sergeant Nappi became a police officer. With over a decade of experience of guns and danger, a suicidal 12-year old boy changed everything. 

Mr. Nappi left the life he knew in hopes of creating a better future for all. To his amazement, he uncovered a frightening truth about education, society, and the future of this country. This memoir and whistle-blower book will change the way you view the world, and offer a greater appreciate for those trying to save it.

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 The Urbn Educator's Survival Guide 
The Urban Educator’s Survival Guide

7 Proven Strategies from a Successful

School Teacher’s Classroom

Improve classroom management with these 7 easy-to-implement strategies! This guide is a quick read with simple suggestions that will turn a chaotic classroom into an engaging-learning environment. With strategies like “arrange your room for combat,” and “classroom kung-fu,” this guide offers a tactical approach based on real-life experience and successful implementation.

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 Vol 2 Cover 5 
The Urban Educator’s Survival Guide

School Teachers in Violent Classrooms

With a growing increase in school violence in both frequency and severity, today’s teachers often find themselves unprepared and overwhelmed during such outbreaks. This guide presents a thorough approach to violence intervention and offers insightful strategies on planning, training, and safely engaging a violent incident. In addition, the guide offers a sample incident report template teachers can follow for documentation and covers a chapter on how to respond to an active school shooting.

This guide focuses on prevention but stresses the importance of always being prepared. There are excellent suggestions for training that involve both staff and students that will leave readers feeling more confident to safely address school-based violence whenever it happens.

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TheArtOfService Cover
The Art of Service:

A Collection of Haiku Poems

This collection of haiku poems is a beautiful telling of inspiration, hope, and renaissance. For the past year and a half, Lori Latimer has been writing a weekly haiku to give insightful perspectives, motivation, and humble suggestions on self-improvement, self-reflection, and service within one’s community. “The Art of Service” is an elegant sample of Lori’s insightful gift to capture a powerful message, 17 syllables at a time…

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