Bees, Electromagnetism, & how to Save Them

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The Seiker Podcast, Ep 067:

If the bees die, we die… But we can save them!

beesSome are calling it the bee apocalypse. With a rise in colony collapse disorder, a term coined explaining the deaths of millions (if not more) bees, there is strong concern for not only the future of bees, but the future of life as we know it. In this podcast, evidence is presented exploring the following:

  • Studies showing the direct correlation between behavior/abandonment of the hive and cell phone radiation.

  • Bee deaths due to pesticide spraying for Zika

  • A bees connection to the universal electromagnetic field

  • Simple solutions we can implement to protect the bees

If you’ve been listening to these podcasts, many episodes have discussed the connection of all life through an electromagnetic field. This field allows for communication of emotional data and offers the ability to send and receive information. Some of the incoming information (from natural, technological, and intentionally directed) forces, is causing a detriment to the physical and emotional health of beings on this planet. In this podcast (among others) we explore this connection and discuss how to best work within it to protect ourselves and begin to heal this world.


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CNN: Study Links Bee Decline to Cell Phones

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Cell Phone Radiation Disturbs Honey Bees

Zika Prevention Kills 2.5 Million Honey Bees

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