Bad Medicine, Alternative Christmas History, & Magic Mushrooms

The Seiker Podcast, Ep 032:

wpid-wp-1451598592885.pngAs TruthSeikers, we are often confronted with an overwhelming amount of information to sift through. Unfortunately, sometimes that information can be misleading or deceptive. What is really frustrating is when evidence is presented that shows some of our most trusted authorities are providing us with unreliable data.

In this podcast, I review an article that reviews a study that revealed that half of all medical literature is false. If we can’t trust our scientific and medical authorities, who can we trust? I offer some suggestions and guidance based on my own experiences.

In addition, I review an article that discusses the occult history of Christmas. This is a great read that reviews the astrological connection between the birth-story of Christ and the journey of the sun. In addition, I explore the connection to the magic mushroom and modern religion. This possibility may change everything we think we know about our own history and who we are…

Links Referenced

Half of all Medical Literature may be False, According to Medical Journal Editor

The Occult Origins of Christmas

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