Racism, Prisons, Art, & The Psychological Warfare Behind Them

Social Change Through Art

In this Changecast, Dennis and Joel speak with Avtomat about art and the prison system in America.

Avtomat holds an MFA in design for Museum Studies, has a lifetime of experience as an artist, and has personal experiences with what he refers to as “the dark side of law enforcement issues in America.” As an advocate, Avtomat aims to show the “psychological warfare being used by the FED for what it is.”

In a document titled “The View From Here: Demoralization as a means of psychological warfare,” Avtomat states: “The 1992 construction of the federal prison directly across the street from the African American Museum in Philadelphia was intended as a monument to the systematic enslavement of millions of black people through imprisonment. The prisons placement attempts to use demoralization as a means of psychological warfare.”

 Avtomat is working to:

  • AvtomatEmpower visitors to acknowledge odious attempts by the Federal Reserve System (FED) to demoralize them as a means of psychological warfare.
  • Give the museum back ownership of their Gallery 4 view which has been hijacked by the construction of the prison.
  • Create a changeable work of art that will serve to mitigate the effects of the prison view on the changing exhibition space.

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