Are You Prepared for a Hurricane?


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The Seiker Podcast, Ep 110:

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, we are once again reminded of the importance of emergency preparedness. Such preps, however, are much easier than you may realize.

Hurricane Harvey has caused massive flooding with over 50 inches of water reported in some areas. Billions of dollars in damage, people left homeless, a chemical plant explosion, and the running out of basic supplies to include fuel and food. Bad things happen in this world, and Harvey is proof of that possibility. But there are things we can do to minimize the negative impacts these events can have on us and our families.

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How do We Prepare?

Free eBook!In this podcast, Dennis reviews several prepper-based articles and their suggestions on how to prepare for a disaster. We don’t need to prepare for the zombie apocalypse, and instead can take simple, practical steps that are easy to incorporate into our lives that can make the difference between life and death – they can serve as the difference between surviving and thriving.

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