Are there aliens among us? Exploring a very different alternative…

UFOThe Question:

Are we alone in the universe? Are we alone on this planet? Time and time again, we have looked to the skies and asked such a question. Such inquiries, however, tend to bring ridicule and embarrassment when someone’s general inquiry turns into a motivated quest. It’s an uncomfortable topic for many, and in my experience, I’ve found that when people are uncomfortable it is easier to reject, ridicule, and dismiss outrageous claims than it is to openly explore them. To accept that a personal worldview may be incomplete or inaccurate is terrifying. It leaves one vulnerable and confused as things seemingly spin chaotically out of control around them. I have experienced this spinning vortex of confusion several times in my life, but despite the shock it caused me, I am grateful. It is when we are in this raw state of ignorance that we realize that anything is possible.

I’ve listened to both sides of the debate discussing non-human/alien intelligent life in the universe. I’ve read the eye-witness accounts of incredible experiences with strange and mystical alien beings. I’ve listened to respected scientists explain how space travel from other planets to Earth is an impossibility, even with the most advanced technology, and the end, I am left with more questions than answers.

The Search for Answers

In my newest book, I Am Human, I made great efforts to describe a few of my experiences. Some of them mirror those of people claiming they were abducted by aliens, however, I cannot classify them as such. What proof do we have that these beings are from other worlds? Just because they seemingly fly in advanced aircraft and claim to be from another planet doesn’t mean it’s true. The late author and researcher Karla Turner went to great lengths to demonstrate these beings’ tendency toward deception and lies (although she did refer to them as alien). Author and experiencer Whitley Streiber often makes reference to the similarities between these abduction accounts and experiences throughout history with the Faery folk. Researchers like Terence McKenna and Daniel Pinchbeck share accounts of plant-induced experiences that transport consumers into a world with strange beings, some of which resemble the creatures currently reported as aliens. Lastly, thanks to the research of people like Michael Cremo, there is a fascinating hidden history of an ancient and advanced Earth-based civilization that is desperate to burst through the seams before it is forever swallowed by the dust of time and a society desperate to forget. With so many different accounts and experiences, these chances of these beings being earth-based should be equal to the chances of them being from other worlds.

What does it all mean?

I believe that we are not alone on this planet and there is an intelligent society that moves freely among us, just beyond our perception. At this current point in time, I have a strong interest in exploring the connection and possibility that these beings are more earth-based than space-based. I have noticed a common thread connecting them to nature, and would like to investigate this further. As a former counterintelligence agent, my mind tends to still “think like the enemy.” If an earth-based society wishes to remain hidden from us, what better way to ensure that our searches go unfounded than to keep us focused on the skies instead of exploring the darkness of our own back yards. In a recent article, Whitley Streiber writes:

“If there is a nonhuman species here, far older and more advanced than us, but less numerous, and also as fragile and vulnerable as the bodies in the Maussan slides and the Howe photos suggest, it might be very much in their interest to get us looking skyward for them, rather than searching what is left of the forests. After all, over the past two hundred years, we have destroyed 90% of Planet Earth’s forest cover. Perhaps our so-called visitors are clinging to life in what little space remains to them.”

If the Earth is 4.5 Billion years old, who are we to assert that we are the only intelligent life that evolved on this planet? I suggest we explore the waters of our oceans, the richness of our forests, and most importantly, the depths of our inner-selves. We may be surprised with what we find. We may find that they’ve been here all along…

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