201501071027One of Humanities Darkest Secrets…

Across history and across cultures, there have been numerous accounts of something lurking in the shadows of man’s garden. A secret that does not wish to be discovered, but if brought to light could bring a change to this world and end human suffering. To uncover this secret, however, people would be forced to confront their greatest fears and question the very foundation of many of their trusted beliefs.

Another Function for Humanity

Prior to Columbus setting sail in 1492, the majority of the modern world believed the Earth to be flat. Prior to Galileo and Copernicus’s discoveries, the modern world believed the Earth to be the center of the universe. Prior to the invention of the microscope, the modern world did not know that microscopic organisms called germs existed. Each discovery, however, completely revolutionized man’s understanding of himself, his relationship to the world around him, and his own vulnerabilities and significance. What will we discover tomorrow?

ArchonIn 1945, near the city of Nag Hammadi, Egypt, a jar containing ancient writings was discovered. Dating back to the fourth-century, these texts were the writings of Gnostics, coming from the Greek word, Gnosis, meaning secret knowledge. The knowledge contained included a portion that described a parasitic force that preyed on human negative energy. In order to maintain its food source, this parasite, referred to as the Archons, created situations for humans that promoted hardship and suffering.

Upon further investigation of the subject, several books have been written about the existence of such parasites and the subject is presently gaining more attention. Almost every culture has an account of such a force, yet so many refuse to acknowledge the possibility of its existence.

A New Journey

D2 Oil PaintingAuthor Dennis Nappi II is a former intelligence soldier and police officer. He is currently conducting research and writing his newest book on the subject of the Archons. With accounts of his own personal experiences with unexplained phenomena supported by the accounts of other experiencers, authors, and ancient texts, Dennis is working to bring more attention to the possibility that human existence is not what we think it is and that we may hold a role in the food chain we have not considered in thousands of years:

As food for something else.

If we were to discover a parasite that relied on our negative feelings and emotions for nourishment, that had the ability to influence our thoughts and actions,would not the world, and its current state of suffering, make more sense?”

                                                                                          ~Dennis Nappi II


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