Food for the Archons

We are all connected. Every-single-person is connected to every-single-thing through an electromagnetic field generated by the human heart. This field transmits and receives emotional data that can be shared, interpreted, and manipulated. This field is the conduit that allows for psychic/energy healing, telepathy, remote viewing, and other psychic phenomenon. As humans, we have forgotten how to utilize this sense, and therefore lost our connection with the Earth and our surroundings.

As a result of our loss, we have become infested. We are infected with parasites that have developed the ability to manipulate our energy fields to induce states of sadness, suffering, and chaos in our world. Such energy, it seems, is a form of nourishment for our parasitic farmers. But there is hope! Understanding this field empowers us to take back that which has been stolen from us. It empowers us to take control. This is the resistance. This is revolution…

Coming Soon…

I Am Human, Food for the Archons is currently in the editing phase and should be ready for release prior to the end of 2017. This book explores research, experiences, and testimony relating to human psychic potential and manipulation by an unseen force.

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A Powerful Exploration of Humanity, Consciousness, and the Supernatural. There is more to US than we realize... 

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"Every reader who wants to think deeply about our existence and its meaning will want to read this."

~Ray Davis, Author - Anunnaki Awakening