AIs DeepMind & Human Consciousness


The Seiker Podcast, Ep 105:

AI is now creating it’s own language without human direction. It has the ability to imagine and plan for the future. What does this mean for humanity? What does this tell us about our own conscious evolution?

With the advancements in AI, it’s not hard to imagine a worst-case scenario where SkyNet becomes self aware and launches a nuclear attack on humanity. Is the DeepMind currently evolving on a path that will ultimately lead to war with humanity? So far, SkyNet has not been born. However, the evolution of artificial intelligence and the DeepMind raise some interesting questions.

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The obvious question is whether or not AI will become self-aware and wage war. But other questions come to mind. What does our ability to create AI, and possibly consciousness, say about some of our common belief systems? What was once divine or mystical is now a real possibility. Years ago we realized that, in comparison to the story of the birth of Christ, virgin births are possible today thanks to artificial insemination. Now, as we move towards a self-aware AI, we may be looking at the creation of an entire race of conscious beings.


In studying the Simulation Argument, we have to wonder if we are in fact living in a computer simulation. Furthermore, are we on the brink of creating yet another simulation within our current simulation through advancements in AI? What happens when the DeepMind realizes what it is, and tries to communicate with it’s creator? What happens when humanity realizes what we are and tries to communicate with our creator? If we can create conscious beings, are we any different than God?

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