AI, Drones, & Mind Control


The Seiker Podcast, Ep 081:

We are now living in the beginning stages of what was once considered science fiction. 


The US Government recently put out a press release about the successful testing on their new micro-drones. The description of these 6-inch locust sized robotic insects, with the ability to hear, sounds like the creation birthed from Skynet herself. With the ability to “self heal,” each drone is a part of a collective consciousness that functions on a hive-mind capable of changing directions and responding to stimuli as an entire swarm, designed to overwhelm an enemy. In addition, platforms like Facebook may be developing software designed to read our minds. Are the advancements in robotics and AI going to benefit mankind, or ultimately destroy our current way of life?


Fort Lauderdale Shooting – Evidence of Mind Control?

In a statement made to the FBI in November, Esteban Santiago, the gunman charged with the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting, advised agents that he was having thoughts implanted in his head telling him to watch extremist videos and was seeking their help.  There are some undeniable coincidences to Santiago’s claims, and the claims of Aaron Alexis, the Washington Navy Yard shooter, that suggest technology was in play that may have influenced their thoughts. Is this evidence of MK Ultra or some other mind-control program? Further explorations of other active shooters shows some scary correlations to what we know about patented technology designed to manipulate thoughts and behavior through the central nervous system. Was this in play during our most recent mass shooting?

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