A Simple Alternative to the Political Contributions That Corrupt our Politicians and Ruin America


Each year, millions of dollars are invested in politicians and political campaigns. It’s no secret that politicians have been bought and their agendas serve the needs of their wealthy benefactors. It’s time to realize that politics are not going to fix politics and they certainly aren’t going to fix anything else.

As Americans, it is time to start directly focusing our energy and resources on the issues we need addressed and stop getting caught up in the politics of distraction and delay. We need to stop relying on our so – called elected officials to do their jobs.

In order to bring a change to our political system, we need to boycott our political system. We need to stop expecting someone else to fix our problems and start fixing them ourselves!

Instead of wasting time writing to a politician, spend a hour volunteering or implementing a change in your home. Instead of investing money to a campaign, give it directly to a charity of your choice. Take action. Get involved. Be an American and stand up!

Still need convincing? After George W. Bush “won” his 2nd term, he raised over 40 million dollars for parties and celebrations! Companies like ExxonMobil, Occidental Petroleum and Nuclear Energy Institute were major contributors. At the same time, US Marines were suffering countless traumatic brain injuries because they were not provided with a 10 cent foam insert for their helmets!  Children were still going hungry and cancer was still claiming lives. But our elected officials, the ones charged with keeping us safe, had a 40 million dollar party. Enough! Stop trusting them, stop admiring the problem, and DO SOMETHING!!!!!

Small changes among the masses can have a massive impact around the world.