2016, Synchronicity, & the Future…


The Seiker Podcast, Ep 079:

2016 challenged us in many ways. It’s time to reflect, learn from our mistakes, and improve our current situation…

Many are saying 2016 has been an incredibly difficult year. With protests, elections, and celebrity deaths, we have felt the pains of conflict on a regular basis. What does the future hold? We may have more power to influence the outcome than we realize, but we first need to look within ourselves and find understanding.

Image: Sime Basioli

In this Podcast:

  • Celebrity Deaths

  • The energetic effects of the 2016 Presidential Election

  • Synchronicity in our lives, and how to listen when the Universe speaks to us

  • Improving our future in 2017

In the News

Why 2016 Won’t be Considered Unusual for Celebrity Deaths.

Celebrity Deaths 2016

Russian Embassy in UK responds to Sanctions with Lame Duck Tweet

Crop Circle Amazes Researchers 

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