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  • Changecast: Citizens & Police. Can’t We All Just Get Along?
  • The Welcoming of the #PoliceState: Its Not What You Think!
  • Helper Appreciation
  • Environmental Activism
  • 4 Self-Defense Strategies that Can Save Your Life!
  • School Violence: Teachers, Are You Preapared?
  • 7 Steps to Improve Classroom Management
  • Michelle Mednini & PTSD
  • Service at the Library
  • Changecast: Cop Killers; EVERYONE Needs to Hear This!
  • Cop Wars: The Growing Divide Between Citizens and Police
  • This Cops Act May Just Change The World!
  • Facing Anger
  • A Cop’s Split Second Choice to Shoot a Man with a Cane…
  • The De-Education of America
  • Helping Homeless Veterans through the Philadelphia Veterans Comfort House
  • #DayOfLight: My story of Depression
  • We Can’t Afford to Eat Healthy!
  • Facing Change – A Social Worker’s Insight into the Task of Helping those Afraid to be Helped
  • Special Ed Teachers: Progress Monitoring Made Easy with Google Drive!
  • The Consequences of Fatherhood
  • Enter to Win Autographed Copy of SERVICE!
  • The Start of a New Year Brings an End to the Search for Bill
  • Leadership
  • Supercharge Your Immune System

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Small changes among the masses can have a massive impact around the world!”


Podcasts for Change

  • Darkness of Spirit & Fear
  • Changecast: Gina, 9 yrs Old, Saving Animals & Helping Kids With Cancer
  • Changecast: Citizens & Police. Can’t We All Just Get Along?
  • The Green Man: Pest Control with Herbs & Oils
  • Changecast – Dr. Vibe
  • Changecast – Practical Spirituality
  • PTSD, Addiction, & Hope
  • Environmental Activism
  • Self Defense: Strategies & Preparation
  • Ken Williams: Counseling, Addiction, & Homelessness
  • Changecast: Facing Frustration
  • Michelle Mednini & PTSD
  • Changecast: Lori Latimer & Mental Health Stigma
  • Changecast: Joel Shafer – Helping Others and Spreading Change
  • Changecast: Cop Killers; EVERYONE Needs to Hear This!
  • Changecast: Leadership – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  • Changecast – Episode 6, Searching for Bill Schweger
  • Changecast – Students Take a Stand, Prisons Sue States for Prisoners, and the Upcoming Release of SERVICE!
  • Chagecast – Change Around the World, Listeners’ Comments, & A Sneak Preview from SERVICE
  • Episode 3 – Bullying, Boycotting Thanksgiving Sales & Emergency Preps
  • Episode 2 – Education, Holistic Health, a CURE to Cancer and the Intelligence of Nature
  • Service of Change Pocast – Philly Teachers Rally in Protest against the SRC
  • Episode 1 – Helpful Officers, Considerate Burglars, and Mayor Nutter’s Disrespect