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This Cops Act May Just Change The World!

Police Car

 I realized that the person I was arresting one day may be the one who has information the next day. The subject may even find himself standing behind me years later when I am wrestling with a violent assailant.   It is not every day that we hear about one of the countless good deeds police officers do throughout theRead the Rest…

Facing Anger

Angry Face

What is Anger? We all know what anger is. We have all felt that emotion in our lives at one point or another. Some feel it regularly, others barely at all. Some live lives characterized by frequent experiences of it and may suffer greatly as a result. Anger is a basic human experience, but do we really understand it?

A Cop’s Split Second Choice to Shoot a Man with a Cane…


  Being a cop is a scary job, and one often finds him or herself alone on the side of the road at night, approaching a vehicle, hoping the passengers don’t jump out shooting like all of those suspects did in the videos we were shown Training to Make Split-Second Decisions As I was training to become a police officer,Read the Rest…

The De-Education of America

De-Education of America

The De-Education of America These students are suffering and they don’t realize why, which may very well be the anticipated outcome of this agenda: ignorance of the force working to repress the minds of our students. America is facing a very real threat. The very future of this country is in jeopardy, and our ability to change our current courseRead the Rest…

Helping Homeless Veterans through the Philadelphia Veterans Comfort House


We met a 38 year old female Navy Field Medical Corpsman and her 12 year old son.  They are in dire need of clothing, shoes, winter jackets, coats, and boots.  We also met a 54 year old Army veteran with a 13 month old son.  Both are living at Comfort House. Pride in Service As a former soldier, I stillRead the Rest…

#DayOfLight: My story of Depression


This article is in support of Brandi’s #DayOfLight, “bringing depression out of the dark,” on February 5, 2014.  The Day of Light is designed to promote suicide awareness through the sharing of personal experiences and resources to ultimately “shine a light on depression.”  This is my story: I had watched this kid go from a suicidal, knife-wielding subject to an innocent littleRead the Rest…

We Can’t Afford to Eat Healthy!

Money Plate

My Family’s Struggle to Balance Health and Cost Undoubtedly, we continually opt for the health of our family at the expense of our own anxiety and sometimes sanity. Over the past year and a half, my family and I have been trying to lead a healthier lifestyle.  A friend of mine always says that health starts in the kitchen, andRead the Rest…

Facing Change – A Social Worker’s Insight into the Task of Helping those Afraid to be Helped


    “It can feel overwhelming to shift how you operate in the world or accept something different into your day-to-day. experience. Such disruptions can cause the worst parts of ourselves to surface, but when we ask for support and form a team, these new practices and ideas can illuminate our potential and ability.” The Motivation In the fall ofRead the Rest…

Special Ed Teachers: Progress Monitoring Made Easy with Google Drive!

3 Background

There is Never Enough Time! I have found a solution that makes life a thousand times easier.  It may require a bit more work in the beginning of the year, but once this is in place it can save hours worth of your precious time throughout the year. As a learning-support special-education teacher, I have often found there is neverRead the Rest…

Changecast: Leadership – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


What Type of Leader are You? In this Changecast, we explore different leadership styles and discuss the pros and cons of each.  What is your leadership style?  What type of leader do you work for?  Listen to find out!

The Consequences of Fatherhood


It was a burp that held an implication of something far worse; something we had read about as parents, dreaded, but never yet experienced. An Accidental Posting To those who may have briefly seen a posting float across your news feeds the other day and then disappear, I apologize for the error.  To those who actually clicked on the link, thank you! andRead the Rest…

Enter to Win Autographed Copy of SERVICE!


Goodreads Book Giveaway Service by Dennis Nappi II Giveaway ends January 23, 2014. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter to win

The Start of a New Year Brings an End to the Search for Bill

Schwenger Collage

Bill was a loving father and husband who cared very much for his family… It has been just over a month since Bill Schwenger left his home early in the morning on the day before Thanksgiving, and never returned. Since Bill’s disappearance, a community of family, friends, law enforcement, and supporters have launched a massive search throughout Bill’s neighborhood inRead the Rest…



What Makes a Good Leader? I later found myself wondering if they followed me because they respected me, or because they were afraid of my perception of my own power. What is leadership? It is something most of us encounter on an almost daily basis, but how often do we really think about it? As children, we used to play FollowRead the Rest…

Supercharge Your Immune System


Is There an Alternative to Big Pharma “Cures?” For the past two years I have been trying to find alternatives to over the counter medication when I am sick. I have become increasingly concerned over the short and long term side affects of many of the medications on the market. Through experience, I have found that meds often offered aRead the Rest…

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